Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review: Signature, Aurora, Sedona, and More (2023)

It’s not every day you purchase a new mattress, which can make it that much more difficult when you do finally take the plunge and get yourself a new bed. We love to have options, and this Brooklyn Bedding mattress review is a great place to start to help narrow down your choices. With several hybrid mattresses that come in multiple firmness levels, and even a few beds that are eco-friendly and designed for plus-size sleepers, this mattress company has worked hard to create a line of high-quality mattresses that has something for everyone. Their beds are suitable for most bed frames, including adjustable bases.

All Brooklyn Bedding mattresses boast a sleep trial period of 120 nights, giving you ample time to test out the mattress and decide if it’s the right fit. If it’s not the right firmness, doesn’t provide relief in the right places, or you want to try a different model, Brooklyn Bedding offers free returns within the trial period. Once you purchase your new mattress, it comes with a 10-year warranty which should cover its entire lifespan.

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Perks of a Brooklyn Bedding Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are made to order in the USA, which helps to keep a lot of costs down and allows you to purchase a higher quality mattress for a great price. Brooklyn Bedding owns its own factories, which gives the company greater control over assembly, materials, and cost than most other mattress companies. They also work with various organizations in local communities to help improve the quality of life for many young children, with a special focus on kids in families that are at risk for removal due to lack of needs and resources. Brooklyn Bedding works together with local agencies to help families meet regulated safety standards by providing children with new bedding. When you buy a mattress from Brooklyn Bedding, you’re helping to support a great cause!

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid Mattress

Pros and Cons of the Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

Customizable firmnessSlight off-gassing odor present at unboxing
Offers good cooling for hot sleepersMotion isolation isn’t great for couples
Supportive edges for those who sleep near the edge
  • Material: Hybrid
  • Firmness: Medium-soft (4/10), medium-firm (6/10), firm (8/10)
  • Customer Rating: 4.7/5
  • Delivery: Free shipping within 3 weeks
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Mattress

$1,249 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

A combination of pocketed coils and layers of foam give this hybrid mattress durable support while effectively relieving pressure in high-tension areas. The Brooklyn Signature Hybrid mattress offers great value for the construction, and high scores in several categories plus customizable firmness levels ensure maximum comfort. A breathable quilted mattress topper and layer of cooling foam help reduce body heat retention, this bed scored an 8.5 out of 10 in cooling. Layers of pressure-relieving foam (9.5 out of 10 in pressure relief) creates a sleep environment that is perfect for all sleepers and will help you sleep soundly through the night. Support foam keeps the spine in line as you sleep (8.5 out of 10 in spine alignment), which can help reduce back pain.

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review: Signature, Aurora, Sedona, and More (1)

Pros and Cons of the Brooklyn Aurora Luxe Mattress

Spine stays aligned while sleepingNot great for budget shoppers
Incredibly coolingPressure relief could be better
Customizable firmness
  • Material: Hybrid (foam and coils)
  • Firmness: Soft (3/10), medium (5/10), firm (7/10)
  • Customer Rating: 4.7/5
  • Delivery: 3-4 business days
  • Warranty: 10-year

Brooklyn Aurora Luxe Mattress

$1,749 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

We spend roughly a third of our lives sleeping, so it makes sense to want a bed that makes that resting time as comfortable as possible. The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora Luxe hybrid is a luxury mattress crafted with top-of-the-line materials, including multiple layers of specialty foams and a thick layer of individually wrapped coils. This bed boasts cooling technology throughout its multiple layers (9.5 out of 10 in cooling) which makes it ideal for hot sleepers. The coils and layer of high-density memory foam provide targeted support and contours to the body’s curves, delivering excellent spine alignment (8.5 out of 10). Responsive foam helps absorb motion (8.5 out of 10 in motion isolation) and makes it easy to change positions (9.25 out of 10 in responsiveness), which makes it a great choice for couples sharing the bed.

Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite Mattress

Pros and Cons of the Brooklyn Sedona Elite Mattress

Provides good pressure reliefNot a great budget choice
Built to last for a long whileThose who want to sink into their mattress may want a softer bed
Suitable for all sleep positions, including combination sleepers
  • Material: Hybrid (foam and coils)
  • Firmness: Medium (6/10)
  • Customer Rating: 4.8/5
  • Delivery: 3-4 business days
  • Warranty: 10-year

One of the best parts of buying a luxury mattress is you can expect it to last for a long time, providing you with years of quality sleep. The Brooklyn Bedding Sedona Elite hybrid mattress is built with high-quality materials that help it remain supportive and cushioning for the entirety of its lifespan, earning it a 9.5 out of 10 in durability from Mattress Advisor. Brooklyn Bedding included cooling technology in the cover and in several of the foam layers for a sleep that’s refreshingly cool and comfortable (9 out of 10 in cooling). Two layers of high-density memory foam plus a transition layer prevent motion transfer (8.75 out of 10), perfect for couples or those who sleep with pets.

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

Pros and Cons Brooklyn Spartan Mattress

Several firmness options to choose fromNot the best option for couples
Designed specially for active peopleBudget shoppers will want something cheaper
Great for those with back pain
  • Material: Hybrid (foam and coils)
  • Firmness: Soft (4/10), medium (6/10), firm (8./10)
  • Customer Rating: 5/5
  • Delivery: 3-4 business days
  • Warranty: 10-year

Brooklyn Bedding Spartan Mattress

$1,999 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

Athletes and those leading an active lifestyle who want to increase their blood flow and decrease their recovery time are in luck: the Brooklyn Bedding Spartan hybrid mattress was designed with active people in mind. Brooklyn Bedding took the cores from their popular Signature and Aurora models and wrapped them in a cover that uses FDA-approved nanobionic technology. The cover absorbs body heat and transforms it into far-infrared rays, which reflect onto the body as energy. This energy promotes increased blood flow for better sleep and quicker recovery. The cover also works to keep you cool, this bed scored a 9 out of 10 in cooling. Layers of hyperelastic and visco-elastic foams make this bed highly responsive (9 out of 10) and great for your back (9.5 out of 10 in spine alignment).

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Mattress

Pros and Cons of the Brooklyn Bloom Mattress

Eco-friendly mattress is hypoallergenicCouples who move around will likely need better motion transfer
Good for all sleep positionsNot great for budget shoppers
Great choice for hot sleepers
  • Material: Hybrid (latex and coils)
  • Firmness: Medium (5/10)
  • Customer Rating: 4.8/5
  • Delivery: 3-4 business days
  • Warranty: 10 years

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom Mattress

$1,999 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

When you buy a Brooklyn Bloom hybrid mattress, you’re buying a bed that’s great for you and for the environment. This eco-friendly mattress is made with Joma wool, natural latex, organic cotton, and wrapped coils for a sleep that’s breathable and green. A wool and cotton cover is naturally moisture-wicking, while latex and a layer of innerspring coils provide enhanced airflow, keeping you cool all night long (9 out of 10 in cooling). The Talalay latex layer is buoyant and contours your pressure points, earning this bed a 9 out of 10 in pressure relief and making it suitable for all sleep positions. This bed will deliver a luxurious sleep experience for years to come, thanks to high-quality construction and materials (9 out of 10 in durability).

Brooklyn Bedding Titan Plus Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review: Signature, Aurora, Sedona, and More (2)

Pros and Cons of the Brooklyn Bedding Titan Plus Mattress

Created for plus-size sleepersNot suited for side sleepers
Excellent spine alignmentThose who prefer softer mattresses will do better on a different model
Good choice for hot sleepers
  • Material: Hybrid (foam and coils)
  • Firmness: Firm (8/10)
  • Customer Rating: 4.7/5
  • Delivery: 3-4 business days
  • Warranty: 10-year limited

Brooklyn Bedding Titan Plus Mattress

$1,249 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

Most mattresses are designed to hold around 250 pounds per side, which can prove to be an issue for plus-size sleepers. The Brooklyn Bedding Titan Plus is a mattress made specifically for heavier sleepers, with durable construction and firm support, including their patented TitanFlex foam. This high-density foam can support heavier weights. Sleepers will love the near-perfect 9.5 out of 10 the Titan received in spine alignment; good posture throughout the night can help alleviate back pain. You won’t feel “stuck” on the Titan either, it scored a 9.5 out of 10 in responsiveness, which means it’s easy to change positions and get comfortable again. No need to fret about sleeping hot, either, the Titan scored an 8.5 out of 10 in this category and is made with cooling gel memory foam. Plus, an optional top layer cooling panel provides a refreshing surface to sleep on.

Other Mattresses By Brooklyn Bedding

Plank Firm

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review: Signature, Aurora, Sedona, and More (3)

Flippable, firm, and foam is a concise breakdown of what you’re getting when you purchase a Plank mattress. With a firm and extra-firm side, this is one of the best mattresses for back and stomach sleepers who want extra support. A high spinal alignment score (8.75 out of 10) makes this a great mattress for anyone who suffers from back pain, and superb pressure relief (9 out of 10) works wonders on aches, pains, and tension. The Plank is well-suited for guest rooms, those who know they love a firm bed but aren’t sure how firm they want it, and stomach sleepers.

Brooklyn Plank Mattress

$1,249 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

Dreamfoam Line

Brooklyn Bedding’s line of budget-friendly hybrid and foam mattresses are a great option for those who want a hybrid bed without the usual associated costs. The four mattresses in the Dreamfoam line, Arctic Dreams, Copper Dreams, Elements Latex, and Chill Memory Foam, offer high-quality mattresses for affordable prices. These beds are all great options for college students, budget shoppers, and guest rooms.

Brooklyn Dreamfoam Line

Starting at $524 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

Brooklyn Bedding Bowery

This value-oriented hybrid mattress is a great entry-level bed for anyone who wants to test out a hybrid mattress without spending too much money. It differs from the Brooklyn Signature hybrid in that it has fewer layers, but don’t let that deter you from checking out this bed. With a quilted gel memory foam top, a layer of encased coils, and two comfort layers of foam, the Brooklyn Bowery delivers a comfortable night’s sleep without lightening up your wallet. It’s best suited for younger and lightweight sleepers, but it also comes in a variety of sizing options, including twin XL and RV-specific sizes, making this a great choice for campers and RVers.

Brooklyn Bowery Mattress

$874 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Essential (formerly Wanderlust)

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review: Signature, Aurora, Sedona, and More (4)

RV travelers know how difficult it is to find the perfect bed for their on-the-go lifestyle, which is why the Brooklyn Bedding Dreamfoam Essential is such a great choice. This all-foam mattress is designed to travel with you. It comes in a variety of sizes that are perfect for RVs and is available in several different thicknesses to best accommodate your bed. It’s somewhat firm and is best suited for back and stomach sleepers of all body types. Brooklyn Bedding also has a line of bedding for RV travelers, including pillows, sheets, and blankets. They’re determined to give you the best sleep possible, even on the road, making it a lot easier to get cozy on the go.

Brooklyn Bedding Dream Foam Essential

Starting at $524 for a Queen (Shop to see exclusive offer)

Brooklyn Bedding Sizes and Prices

SizeDimensionsBB SignatureBB AuroraBB SedonaBB SpartanBB TitanBB Bloom
Twin39″ x 75″$699$999$1,249$1,099$719$879
Twin XL39″ x 80″$799$1,249$1,549$1,299$779$1,039
Full54″ x 75″$899$1,599$1,999$1,699$997$1,359
Queen60″ x 80″$1,249$1,749$2,399$1,999$1,279$1,599
King76″ x 80″$1,499$2,199$2,899$2,399$1,439$1,959
California King72″ x 84″$1,499$2,199$2,899$2,399$1,439$1,959
SizeDimensionsBB SignatureBB AuroraBB SedonaBB SpartanBB TitanBB Bloom

MA Score: The Mattress Advisor Score is a weighted score that takes into account 14 different factors related to the mattress’ performance, function, convenience and the brand’s social responsibility

Factors to Consider When Buying a New Mattress

Motion Isolation: Couples and co-sleepers especially will want a bed that effectively isolates motion, preventing the entire bed from shaking and waking up your partner if you get out of bed or change positions. Of the Brooklyn Bedding line, the Brooklyn Aurora offers the best motion isolating properties.

Edge Support: If you tend to sleep near the edge, or sit on the side of your bed while getting ready in the morning, you will want a mattress that offers good edge support and doesn’t sag or sink too much when weight is put on the edges. The Signature, Bloom, and Sedona mattresses all offer solid edge support.

Firmness: Preferred firmness varies on sleep position, which is why it’s so remarkable that Brooklyn Bedding offers customizable firmness levels for most of their mattresses. Back and stomach sleepers will likely prefer a firmer mattress that offers ample support in the hips and keeps the spine aligned, while side sleepers do better on softer beds that provide cushioning and contouring in their hips and shoulders.

Pressure Relief: Those with back pain will want a bed that offers ample relief on pressure points to provide them with a soft and comfortable sleeping surface that takes tension off of areas like the hips and shoulders. Brooklyn Bedding’s Signature mattress offers the best pressure relief of all their mattresses, with the Bloom and Sedona coming in a close second place.

Spine Alignment: Good posture is just as important when you sleep, which is why spine alignment is such a crucial part of what makes a good mattress. You want a bed that keeps your back in a natural position whether you sleep on your back, stomach, or side. All of Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses deliver proper spine alignment to sleepers, so regardless of which model you opt for you’ll receive excellent support.

Temperature Regulation: Sleeping hot can be incredibly uncomfortable, especially if you tend to run warm and sleep on a bed that traps body heat, like a memory foam mattress. Finding a bed with good temperature regulation (like any of Brooklyn Bedding’s mattresses) can help dissipate body heat and help you sleep cooler and more comfortably.

Price Point: The cost of a mattress can range from great budget-friendly prices to luxury options. Materials used and the type of mattress are usually two factors that play a big role in price point. Brooklyn Bedding has a few mattresses that are well within a modest budget, and some options that are more expensive and luxurious. Whichever type of bed suits your needs and wallet, you can find in this fleet of mattresses!

Shipping and Delivery: Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping and returns, plus a 120-night sleep trial, so you can try out any of their mattresses risk-free. The bed-in-a-box will be delivered to your doorstep, usually in about three to four business days.

Sleeping Positions on Brooklyn Bedding Mattresses

Side Sleepers: Side sleepers need more cushioning and contouring than other sleeping positions, they would sleep best on a mattress that is soft or medium on the firmness scale. Heavier side sleepers would do best on a medium-firm mattress.

Back Sleepers: Sleeping on your back requires a firmer sleep surface to keep your spine aligned and your hips and shoulders in line. Back sleepers usually find medium to firm mattresses the best fit, though everyone has their own preference.

Stomach Sleepers: Keeping the hips elevated and preventing them from sinking too much is the top priority for stomach sleepers, which means they need a firm model mattress with ample support.

Combination Sleepers: Combination sleepers usually need a bed that offers good responsiveness, allowing them to easily change positions and get comfortable again without feeling stuck in the mattress.


Where can I buy a Brooklyn Bedding mattress?

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are available primarily online, though they do have some brick and mortar locations that can be found mostly in Arizona, where the company is based. In addition to the many showrooms in Arizona, they also have locations in Illinois, Montana, Minnesota, New York, Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, and Massachusetts.

How long will my new mattress last?

The typical lifespan of a mattress is around 7-10 years. This estimate can vary based on how well the mattress is taken care of and the weight of the people sleeping on it. Brooklyn Bedding offers a 10-year warranty with all of their mattresses, which should cover the entirety of its lifespan.

How long does it take for a bed-in-a-box to expand?

While it may take up to 24 hours for the mattress to fully expand, you should be able to sleep on it comfortably within 4-5 hours of unboxing.

Do I need a box spring with a Brooklyn Bedding mattress?

It’s not necessary to have a box spring for your Brooklyn Bedding mattress, though their website says their mattresses will work well on any firm foundation or bed frame including box springs, slatted bases, and platforms.


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