Even faster builds with Incredibuild 10 and Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 - Dimensional Data (2023)

Note: This post was co-authored with Incredibuild’s Director of Product Marketing, Yohai West.

We are pleased to announce that Visual Studio version 17.6 Preview 3 includes Incredibuild’s most advanced developer acceleration platform: Incredibuild 10. This release includes several notable, new features that empower teams to speed up the development process:

  • Patent-pending Build Cache technology allows developers to cache build outputs so that they can be reused by all team members.
  • A smart and flexible enterprise license management mechanism, managed via a new web-based Coordinator user interface.
  • Incredibuild Cloud optimization automatically manages the best mix of on-demand and spot resources, enabling organizations to use smaller and more affordable machines, while maintaining optimal performance and cost.

In this post we’ll detail how these features can improve your daily development.

Build Cache – cache what you can; distribute the rest

Incredibuild 10’s most significant addition is its Build Cache technology. Incredibuild breaks down development processes into smaller tasks that can be executed independently, and Build Cache saves time and resources by reusing the cached outputs for previously executed tasks. Build Cache extends the incremental builds you are already likely familiar with by providing access to the outputs that your entire team has created. This means that an incremental build only has to build your changes and can rely on the cache when you have merged a teammate’s unrelated changes into yours. Additionally, temporarily working on a different branch won’t cause a large build when you switch back to your original branch.

For any task outputs that are not in the cache, the Incredibuild Grid can distribute those tasks across its pool of compute cores. The Incredibuild Grid can allocate a pool of machines to meet the needed capacity for the tasks, including on-premises machines and static and on-demand spot instances provided by Incredibuild Cloud. The machines in the grid don’t need a compiler to be installed or the code to be present, as the Incredibuild Grid takes care of it all. Once those tasks are completed and cached using Build Cache, they never have to be executed again, dramatically reducing build times for your entire team. These features working in tandem means that you can cache what you can; distribute the rest.

Build from home without impacting your speed

Working from home affects build speeds due to limited upstream bandwidth. Build Cache lets you rely more on downstream bandwidth, giving you greater speed and better performance when starting new builds. With Build Cache you can reuse previous build data stored on your local machine to dramatically reduce build times without impacting your bandwidth.

Deployment Examples

Build Cache can be deployed in different ways depending on how your Clients connect to Endpoints. A single Client can function as its own Endpoint (local), multiple Clients can connect to a single Endpoint (shared), and more complex or dynamic deployments are possible as well.

LocalUses the same Initiator Agents to host the Build Cache Endpoint and Build Cache Client. This means that each agent can only benefit from the cache of builds that were previously run on the same machine. This can be ideal if you are not sharing code with other developers, or if you are working from home with limited bandwidth.Even faster builds with Incredibuild 10 and Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 - Dimensional Data (1)
SharedUses a single Agent to host the Build Cache Endpoint. Multiple Initiator Agents contribute to and benefit from the same build cache. However, only one initiator can edit/write to the cache at any given time.Even faster builds with Incredibuild 10 and Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 - Dimensional Data (2)
Dynamically SharedUses more than one Build Cache Endpoint that is used by more than one Client. The Clients define a default Endpoint, but you can override this in the build command to use a different Endpoint as well. This is ideal for CIenvironments that are running different builds. They can dynamically fetch the context of the build they are running and use the appropriate Endpoint.Even faster builds with Incredibuild 10 and Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 - Dimensional Data (3)

How Does Build Cache Work?

Builds are often processed in tree-like structures based on the dependencies in your code. The files in the first layer are used to create the files in the second layer, and those files are used to create the files in the next layer, and so on until the final output is produced.

As builds are processed, Incredibuild saves details of the process for future use. Each part of the process that is generated from other files is saved as a pair of input files and output files in the cache. If you run a build after changing some of the files, Build Cache can reuse cached outputs for the same inputs, to prevent parts of the process from running.

You can define if an Agent contributes to the cache or just reads from it in the Agent Settings. However, each Endpoint can only process content from one build at a time. If two builds attempt to write to the same Endpoint at once, only the content from the first build will be added to the cache.

Build Cache Summary

Details of how much time was saved from using theBuildCacheis included in the output of yourbuilds. This can be seen in the Build Monitor’s output tab, as well as the output you see in the command line.

Even faster builds with Incredibuild 10 and Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 - Dimensional Data (4)

Enabling Build Cache requires an additional license for every Initiator that is using Build Cache. Visit Incredibuild’s description of available plans in order to obtain Build Cache licenses.

Smart licenses managed via the new Coordinator UI

Incredibuild 10’s smart licenses let you be truly efficient with the resources you have. Instead of locking licenses onto devices that don’t always need them, you can allocate cores and initiators to the right place, at the right time. More importantly, you can work in any environment—on-premises, cloud, or hybrid. With Incredibuild 10’s new Coordinator UI, you can also gain better visibility into how your licenses are being used, where there are gaps, and how you can better deploy cores to avoid those gaps.

Even faster builds with Incredibuild 10 and Visual Studio 17.6 Preview 3 - Dimensional Data (5)

Scale to the cloud

Whether you are fully building in the cloud or bursting when needed, Incredibuild Cloud automatically spins up and down the best mix of on-demand and spot instances. With Incredibuild 10 you get more visibility with the Incredibuild Cloud license. Reporting gives you easy access to license consumption, lets you see how many cores are available from your purchase, and get license status updates and predictions all in one place.

User Testimonials

Incredibuild is a crucial part of the development process for many of their users, including many of the leading game development studios and companies delivering software for large enterprises. Game studios can have large codebases for their titles and can have dozens of employees working on different aspects of a title, from game engine developers and networking developers, to level designers and artists. With so many changes constantly going into their products, Incredibuild’s acceleration technologies make a real difference to delivering a project on time and on budget.

Incredibuild absolutely impacts our ability to iterate and move forward. We couldn’t do anything without it.

– Joe Vogt, IT Manager, The Coalition

The ability of the Incredibuild Cloud helpers to tear themselves down when they’re not being used helps cuts costs in Azure, and the improved build times and test times significantly improve our developers’ ability to get their work done faster.

– Chad Shaffer, Senior Software Development System Engineer, Minitab


Long C++ builds are not something you should take as a given. If you do not use any build acceleration tool, we highly recommend that you try Incredibuild, with its direct integration inside Visual Studio, Incredibuild 10 brings with it some major improvements, the most significant being the Build Cache that works together with the distribution engine. The new license model as well as other new features make this version something you should check if you haven’t done so already.

For a full product walkthrough, watch Incredibuild’s CppCon 2022 demo session.

Try it and Talk to Us

We encourage you to download Visual Studio 2022 version 17.6 Preview 3 and try out Incredibuild 10. You can use the Visual Studio Installer to install Incredibuild. Just select any of the following workloads: Desktop development with C++, Mobile development with C++, or Game development with C++. Then check the box for Incredibuild – Build Acceleration in the installation details and complete the installation. There is now a free-forever license for 2 developers (free version does not include a Build Cache license), so it’s super easy to install and to start using it for your projects.

We can be reached via the comments below or via email at visualcpp@microsoft.com. If you encounter other problems with Visual Studio or have other suggestions, you can use the Report a Problemtool in Visual Studio or head over to theVisual Studio Developer Community. Suggestions for or problems with Incredibuild can be sent directly to them. You can also find us on Twitter (@VisualC and @incredibuild).


How to use Incredibuild with Visual Studio? ›

Incredibuild and Visual Studio Integration Modes
  1. In Visual Studio, go to Tools > Options, or Incredibuild > Extension Settings, or Extensions > Incredibuild > Extension Settings.
  2. Select Incredibuild Extension > Integration Mode, and then select the required Incredibuild Integration mode.
Mar 8, 2023

How do I disable Incredibuild in Visual Studio? ›

To remove the Incredibuild add-in:

Select the checkboxes of the Visual Studio versions from which you want to remove the add-in, and then click the Remove Add-In button.

How does Incredibuild work? ›

Incredibuild works by providing every workstation the ability to use idle CPU's of other machines available across your local network or in the public cloud as though they reside on your local workstation, effectively transforming every workstation to become a super computer with hundreds of cores and gigs of memory.

Is Incredibuild free? ›

Yes! Incredibuild offers full support for cloud development on AWS, Azure, and GCP. You can try it for free for 30 days to see how you like it.

What is Incredibuild in Visual Studio? ›

Incredibuild enables every machine to use hundreds of cores to accelerate time-consuming software development by using idle CPUs in network or bursting to the cloud. Use the full potential of your network to raise product quality, reduce time-to-market and increase dev productivity.

How to install Incredibuild for Visual Studio? ›

Standard Incredibuild Installation
  1. Close Visual Studio.
  2. Make sure your environment meets all of the system requirements.
  3. Run the Incredibuild Setup File.
  4. On the Setup Options page, select Install Incredibuild. ...
  5. Specify your installation type. ...
  6. If you are installing a Coordinator, enter your license key.
Mar 8, 2023

Can I delete Incredibuild? ›

Uninstalling Incredibuild

Run the installation file. Select Uninstall Incredibuild. Continue with the wizard until completion.

How do I stop auto build in Visual Studio? ›

Features: There is a menu named BuildOnSave in the Visual Studio menu bar with options to disable BuildOnSave, build the whole solution in its active configuration, or the startup project only. The options are stored per solution.

How do I turn off Visual Studio preview? ›

Options dialog box: Environment > Preview Features

Use this page of the Options dialog box to enable or disable preview features in Visual Studio.

Who owns IncrediBuild? ›

Incredibuild was acquired by Insight Partners for $140M on Mar 17, 2021 .

Where is IncrediBuild located? ›

IncrediBuild is headquartered in Giv'atayim, Ariel Sharon St 4, Israel, and has 4 office locations.

How to use IncrediBuild with Unreal engine? ›

How do I use Incredibuild for UE4 acceleration? UE4 acceleration is quite simple. In fact, if you have Incredibuild installed and set up on your host, Unreal Engine will automatically use Incredibuild for code builds and shader compilations, allowing you to develop at the speed of light!

What is the revenue of IncrediBuild? ›

IncrediBuild Software's revenue is $42 Million What is IncrediBuild Software's SIC code? IncrediBuild Software's SIC: 73,737 What is IncrediBuild Software's NAICS code?

Who uses Visual Studio? ›

Visual Studio is a development environment that programmers use to create websites, web applications, web services, and mobile applications. It is a powerful tool with great debugging and editing experience.

What is the difference between Visual code and Visual Studio? ›

Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment, also known as an IDE. Visual Studio Code is a code editor. A developer can easily edit their code. VS is slower when it comes to performing across different platforms.

What are the advantages of Visual Studio? ›

There is a number of benefits to using projects such as: Projects take full advantage of the numerous time-saving and productivity features of Visual Studio. Features such as IntelliSense suggestions and syntax checking in the editor are not fully available if you are using the files without a project.

How to install Visual Studio manually? ›

We'll walk you through it, step-by-step.
  1. Step 1 - Make sure your computer is ready for Visual Studio. ...
  2. Step 2 - Download Visual Studio. ...
  3. Step 3 - Install the Visual Studio Installer. ...
  4. Step 4 - Choose workloads. ...
  5. Step 5 - Choose individual components (optional) ...
  6. Step 6 - Install language packs (optional)
Feb 21, 2023

How do I install Visual Studio build tools? ›

How To Install VS Microsoft C++ Build Tools on Windows
  1. Download Microsoft C++ Build Tools from here.
  2. Run the installer.
  3. Get to this screen, click on install.
  4. Tick the top left C++ build tools, then the boxes on the right would show up. ...
  5. Press Install while downloading.

How do I unload my Incredibuild license? ›

Unloading an Incredibuild License

If you have received an updated license file, you need to unload the original license before you can load the new one. On Coordinator Settings dialog box, open the License tab. Then, Click the Unload option.

How do I disable Incredibuild helper? ›

To ensure that your home machine does not slow down builds initiated from other machines due to limited internet bandwidth, disable the role of your Initiator Agent as Helper. To do this, right-click the Incredibuild Agent icon on your taskbar and click Disable as Helper.

How do I uninstall infrastructure agent? ›

Uninstall the Linux infrastructure agent
  1. Uninstall with apt ( Debian, Ubuntu) Execute the following command as root: sudo apt-get remove newrelic-infra.
  2. Uninstall with yum ( Amazon Linux, CentOS, RHEL) Execute the following command as root: sudo yum remove newrelic-infra.
  3. Uninstall with Zypper ( SLES)

How do I use performance profiler in Visual Studio? ›

Open the Performance Profiler by choosing Debug > Performance Profiler (or Alt + F2). For more information on using the CPU Usage or Memory usage tool in the Performance Profiler vs. the debugger-integrated tools, see Run profiling tools with or without the debugger.

How to use DevOps with Visual Studio? ›

From the Visual Studio Tools menu, select Options, then select Source Control > Plug-in Selection. Select Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. For Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, enter the name and port number for the Azure DevOps Proxy Server. Select Use SSL encryption (https) to connect.

How to install MSBuild with Visual Studio? ›

In the Visual Studio installer, navigate to Individual Components, and locate the checkbox for MSBuild. It is automatically selected when you choose any of the other workloads to install. To install MSBuild on a system that doesn't have Visual Studio, go to Build Tools for Visual Studio 2022 on the downloads page.

How to connect Git with Visual Studio? ›

In the Visual Studio IDE, select the Git menu, and then select Clone Repository. Follow the prompts to connect to the Git repository that includes the files you're looking for.

How to do performance testing in Visual Studio 2017? ›

In Visual Studio Installer, choose the Individual components tab, and scroll down to the Debugging and testing section. Select Web performance and load testing tools. Choose the Modify button. The web performance and load testing tools component is installed.

How can I improve Visual Studio code performance? ›

Troubleshooting performance issues
  1. Open the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P).
  2. Run the Preferences: Configure Runtime Arguments command.
  3. This command will open a argv. json file to configure runtime arguments. You might see some default arguments there already.
  4. Add "disable-hardware-acceleration": true .
  5. Restart VS Code.
Oct 19, 2020

How to learn DevOps without coding? ›

As such you don't need any programming language to learn DevOps. Some basic knowledge of Linux, python, shell scripting will be ok. When you start to learn DevOps tools, then you get to know which language is used for which tool. For example, the Jenkins tool is used Groovy as a scripting language.

Is Visual Studio a DevOps tool? ›

Visual Studio and Azure DevOps provide a wealth of features and functionality. They also provide a means to extend and share that functionality. Extensions are simple add-ons that you can use to customize and extend your DevOps and work tracking experiences.

What's the meaning of DevOps? ›

DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization's ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity: evolving and improving products at a faster pace than organizations using traditional software development and infrastructure management processes.

What is the difference between Visual Studio and MSBuild? ›

Visual Studio determines the build order and calls into MSBuild separately (as needed), all completely under Visual Studio's control. Another difference arises when MSBuild is invoked with a solution file, MSBuild parses the solution file, creates a standard XML input file, evaluates it, and executes it as a project.

Is Visual Studio build Tools free? ›

Visual Studio Community. A fully-featured, extensible, free IDE for creating modern applications for Android, iOS, Windows, as well as web applications and cloud services.

Can you install MSBuild without Visual Studio? ›

To install MSBuild on a Windows system that doesn't have Visual Studio, go to Build Tools for Visual Studio 2022 on the downloads page. Another way of getting MSBuild is to install the . NET SDK.


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