Prices & How to Pay – Humber Bridge (2023)


The Humber Bridge is a toll bridge. With the exception of motorcycles and approvedconcessions, vehicles must pay a tolleverytime they cross.

Vehicles are charged a toll according to their classification. Drivers with a validHumberTaginstalled will receive a 10% discount on their crossings.

There are two ways to cross the Humber Bridge. Customers who have a HumberTag account/ approved concessions/motorcycles are able to use the Taglane (Open Road Toll). The HumberTag is a pre-paid account that enables account holders to travel through the toll plaza without stopping. Payments are deducted from their account automatically each time they travel across the Bridge.

Customers without a HumberTag should stop at one of the manned tollbooths instead.

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Quick and easy contact-free payments can be made with a contactless card. Chip and pin is also available.

Alternatively, pay with a tap of your phone usingApple/Google/SamsungPay.

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If you have aHumberTAGthis can also be used at the toll booths.




Crossings are uploaded to the payment portal onHumbertag.comthefollowing working dayfrom 1pm (Mon – Fri, excluding bank holidays). The 72 hours to pay only begins once the crossing has been uploaded.

If you have received an unpaid toll notification and wish to dispute this, please contact us.


We offer free crossings to those who are eligible under certain criteria. The criteria and requirements are listed on our Toll Concessions page.


Vehicles carrying anabnormal load(defined as over 44 tonnes and/or over 3.05m (10’0”) wide), must pay an additional charge.

There is a strict process for vehicles with abnormal loads to follow in order to cross the Humber bridge.Pleaseclick herefor more information.


These areissued to drivers in use of emergencies and may be subject to administration charges.

Please see Deferred Payment ‘leaflet’ below.

Notice of Toll Due

You are required under Section 11 of the Humber Bridge Act 2013 to pay a toll to cross the Humber Bridge. As you have not paid the appropriate toll at the time of your crossing you have been issued with this notice of toll due.

How do I pay?

Your crossing will ONLY be available to pay from 1pm the following working day.

ONLINE – The easiest way to pay is online at Here you will be able to enter your vehicle registration number into the search facility and pay for your crossing.

It is your responsibility to check our website for your transit(s) to be uploaded to avoid incurring additional charges.

Will I incur charges?

Once your vehicle details are uploaded to you have 72 hrs to pay your toll.

Further administration costs will be incurred if the issued Unpaid Toll Notification is not paid – full details can be found on



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aHow Many Toll Booths Are on the Bridge?

There are 3 toll booths on the Northbound approach from Lincolnshire, and 3 on the Southbound approach from East Yorkshire. These are on the left-hand side of the road, to the left of the Tag Lane (Open Road Toll).

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aWhat is the Tag Lane?

The Tag Lane, otherwise known as the Open Road Toll (ORT), is the inside lane (right-hand side) on the run-up to the toll plaza.

It is usable only by vehicles with aHumberTag.

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aCan I Pay with Cash at the Toll Booths?

No– As of 2020 we no longer accept cash payments. Cashless methods of payment include debit/credit cards (contactless or chip and pin), Google/Apple/Samsung Pay, HumberTag, or Deferred Payments for emergencies.

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aDo You Accept Fuel Cards?

No –The only forms of payment we accept are credit/debit cards, HumberTag, and Google/Apple/Samsung Pay.

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aCan I Request a VAT Receipt For My Tolls?
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No –The Humber Bridge is VAT exempt; therefore a VAT receipt is not issued. However, when you make a payment at the toll booth you can request a regular receipt.

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aDo I Have to Pay Both Directions on the Bridge?

Yes –A toll is due each time that you cross the Humber Bridge.

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aAre the Tolls the Same Regardless of the Time of Day?

Yes –The toll charge is always the same throughout the day and is only different depending on the vehicle classification.

Abnormal load charges(additional charges for very large or heavy loads) do change, depending on the time of day.

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aI Have Used the Tag Lane (Open Road Toll) And I Do Not Have a Tag, How Do I Pay?

Your crossing will ONLY be available to pay from1pmthe following working day. Once your crossing is uploaded, you will then have 72 hours to pay for your toll, using one of the following options:

ONLINE– The easiest way to pay is online Here you will be able to enter your vehicle registration number into the search facility and pay for your crossing.

TELEPHONE– For those without internet access, please call our offices on01482 647161. An advisor will be able to take your payment once your vehicle details have been uploaded.

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aHow Long Do I Have to Pay?
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After 72 hours our systems automatically contact the DVLA to obtain the registered keeper’s details, in line with our recovery process. You will receive a notification in the post requesting the toll and a £15 administrative fee. An additional fee of £10 is added if no payment is made after 31 days.

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aWhat If I Don’t Have Any Means of Payment With Me at the Time?

We understand that this may happen so aNotice of Toll Due(Deferred Payment) can be obtained from the Toll Booths. The Notice outlines how to pay for your toll and the timescales involved. For further information, please refer to the same process outlined in ‘I have used the Tag Lane and I do not have a tag, how do I pay?’.

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aWhy Do I Need to Pay a Toll?

The toll money is used to maintain the Humber Bridge and its estate.

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(Video) Paying your toll with cash in the new system

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aWhy Are You No Longer Accepting Cash When Shops and Other Businesses Still Are?

With Covid still a problem, we want everyone to be safe. People in shops often have time to sanitise between transactions where cash is involved. Pre-lockdown, this wouldn’t have been possible for our staff. Therefore, the situation is different. HBB staff are taking cash, giving change, taking further cash, etc, without having time to sanitise, and that would put them and our customers at risk. The goal is to minimise contact to keep everyone safe.

To make card payments as safe as possible, we have installed new card payment machines on the outside of the booths for ease of access. These accept both contactless and chip and pin and we also accept Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

People can alsoapply for a HumberTagas the most efficient and cheapest way to cross the bridge receiving a 10% discount on all crossings.

There are other benefits too. Not taking cash results in a saving of 20 tonnes of carbon per year, so it helps us meet our sustainability goals.


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aIsn’t This Penalising People Who Want to Use Cash?

Our goal is to keep all bridge users and our staff as safe as we can.

Lockdown has shown that the vast, vast, majority of HB users can manage payments via card or the Tag. This is safer for them, our staff, and is more efficient.

We also feel cash usage will never return to pre-lockdown levels as people prefer contactless ways to pay. The prevailing trend is moving to a cashless society.


aWhat If I Don’t Have a Contactless Card or a Tag?

If someone really doesn’t have the means to pay, we would encourage them to ring ourCustomer Servicesteam (01482 647161) and we will work with them to find the best way to take payment.


aWill People Be Given Longer to Pay If They Go Through the Tag Lane (Open Road Toll) Without a Tag?

We have already increased the window for payment from24 hoursbefore lockdown to72 hoursnow, and that is where it will remain.

However, the Tag Lane is for tag users only. If you do not have a HumberTag, you must stick to using the toll booth lanes, orapply for a HumberTag.


aYou Have ANPR: Why Not Just Let Everyone Use the Tag Lane?

Our system is not designed for high numbers of motorists without a Tag to use the Tag Lanes. If you do not have a HumberTag, you must stick to using the toll booth lanes, orapply for a HumberTag.

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